Department of histology and embryology

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Department of Histology and Embryology addresses a range of clinically interesting research topics. Our teams focus on development of methods for the quantitative histology and stereology, histology of the vascular wall, functional histology and comparative embryology of limb veins and the aorta, biomechanics of soft tissues, molecular mechanisms associated with the neoplastic processes, processes of regenerative processes in various tissues, the study of early embryogenesis and implantation, paleopathology and others.


Achievements in the field of teaching

Classes of General histology take place at Department of Histology and Embryology in the summer semester of the first year of study. Classes of microanatomy and embryology take place in the second year in the winter semester. Both are part of the master study programs General medicine and Dental medicine – both in Czech and English language.

Results in science and research

Regarding the quality and the number of publications in high impact factor journals and regarding international recognition, the department belongs to successful and prosperous departments of our Faculty. The results of our work contribute to progress and development of medical doctor´s training and to improvement of the medical care.